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Photo from Anderson United Methodist Church in Jackson, Miss. Photo courtesy of United Methodist Communications

The Christian life is not a solo venture. As United Methodists, we recognize our connections to God, others and the created world.

We speak different languages, are immersed in various cultures, and sometimes disagree. Yet we worship together, serve together, and learn from one another.

Our global connection empowers us to love and serve God and our neighbors in ways no one of us could do on our own.

Lifeline Toledo, a United Methodist congregation in Ohio, welcomes all to a weekly community dinner.

How We Serve

The connecting work of United Methodists

United Methodists' shared mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world expands our connection.

The Bible tells us to build each other up. (Thessalonians 5:11) We thank God for the people in our lives, both nearby and at a distance, who encourage us. Photo from Casa Linda United Methodist Church, Dallas, Texas, USA, 2018, courtesy of United Methodist Communications with Canva design.

Ways We Grow

Get Them Talking: Connected

Start a conversation with your family about how we are connected to one another and people around the world.